Friday, May 18, 2012

Morrilton, Arkansas

Established 1916

$10,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie

My Visit: September 24, 2010


An old photo showing how the library was a prominent building in Morrilton.


I noticed from the plaque mounted outside that this library has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places but isn’t on the list I printed from the internet so must be fairly recently added.


This was a good visit. As usual I asked permission to take photos inside. The young lady at the desk didn’t know and called to have someone come up. I’m guessing that the man was the librarian but didn’t ask.

He was more than happy to let me take pictures and even guided me around the library showing me the numerous photos and items of interest taken at different times. Of course, the customary portrait of Andrew Carnegie is displayed.


He said that the tall grandfather clock was built specifically for the library. The floors are original hardwood. The floor in front of the main desk the floor is a mosaic of marble which he said was taken from somewhere in the library during one of its renovations. Several of the library tables are original and also the card catalog. He said that the former train depot just down the street houses more memorabilia, also a Genealogy Center.


The main floor is now adult but originally the children’s library was situated to the right as you enter the library. The children’s library in the basement is all renovated but still utilizes old tables.


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